How To Install Bluetooth Device On HP Laptop

Any laptop brand which has Microsoft Windows operating system can link with any Bluetooth device like your mobile phone or BT headset. Same hold true for HP devices. Your device is already equipped with Bluetooth adapter installed or the user can also purchase a separate USB Bluetooth dongle. You also have a choice of installing a BT service on your laptop. You need to ensure that your HP laptop has a proper setup for BT connectivity.

How to setup Bluetooth connection on your HP device?

Follow the steps explained below for setting up the BT on your HP laptop:

a.   By tapping or pressing the ‘Talk’ or ‘Power’ button on your tool, turn the Bluetooth on your laptop. You can hear a beep sound when it is powered on.

b.   To get it detectable by the computer system, make the device discoverable.  You can do this by following instructions that came along with the tool for making the BT recognizable.

c.   In the Windows task bar, right click on the BT icon and then from the context menu choose ‘Add a Bluetooth Device’.

d.   Mark the check box of ‘My device is setup and ready to be found’ and then click on Next button for proceeding ahead.

e.   Click on Next button for continuing ahead after choosing the BT tool to add.

f.   Click on Next button for continuing after choosing the option of pass code. You can see the connection request sent to the device.

g.   For establishing a connection with the computer, press the button available on the tool. At the bottom of the mouse or keyboard you can find the connection button.

h.   For completing the Bluetooth setup, click on the Finish button in the Installation wizard.

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